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An IVR usually connects the call with the customer and you can have a real time conversation with them, which is a great feature however the caller might not recall the tiny bits of the conversation. A follow- up SMS, with the important details, would be the perfect customer service you can offer the customer. This SMS reaches the customer right after they have disconnected the call, with details like complaint number or a link to the company website. The best part is that the SMS can be personalized so that it gives the customer a positive outlook of the company.

QKonnect has a built in SMS feature where customer is sent a message with details. This SMS is a personalized message and reaches the customer almost immediately after they disconnect the call with the agent. Your agents can also send reminder SMS from the QKonnect to the customer, from the system itself and these are automatic and do not need any manual intervention. For example if a customer has to service his car on a particular day, you can set the date for reminder and the system will send the customer a personalised reminder message.

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