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Call Recording is a very important feature in any phone based businesses. Most IVR systems have it and it plays a huge role in customer experience. Every interaction between the customer and the agents are recorded and can be further used for various analysis and quality assurance. QKonnect has the powerful call recording feature which is extremely useful for both large and small scale businesses. It covers all the benefits of Call recording and is cost effective. It’s very useful as no addition investments are needed to train new agents to handle customer calls. With QKonnect’s call recordings you can just pick those well handled calls and make the agents hear them so that they get an idea of how to interact with the customer to convert a lead into a sale.

All the calls recorded by the QKonnect are stored safely on cloud so you would not have to worry about data security. You can also have the recording sent to a dedicated email that can be easily accessed via phone or email. QKonnect does not just record incoming calls; it records all incoming, outgoing and missed calls. Recording missed calls would boost business revenue as you would have the data of all those potential customers that tried to reach the business during a holiday or after business hour.

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