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QKonnect is a phone system that allows you to route phone calls based on your business timing. As per your work schedule, you can set the time in the QKonnect and all other calls will be recorded as a voicemail or forwarded to another number and you can work on those calls once you get back.

Different teams would have different timings, for example, Customer Support should be available 24/7 to assist the customers where as the sales team would be done with work by six. Nevertheless the QKonnect is always available and routes the incoming calls to right team during the set business time. Never miss any lead when your team is not available as all calls after the set business time would be recorded and saved as a voicemail or forwarded to another number.

Customers would ring up at any time of the day just to gather more information or for assistance so it is important that a business time is set so that the customers are aware if assistance is available or not. An idle IVR would have a business timing set and if it’s a high priority issue, it would instruct the customer to follow certain instructions or if it’s a low priority issue, it would ask the customer to leave a voicemail.

During the holiday season, it is most likely that most business would have fewer resources . Apart from the daily work timings, QKonnect also allows you to set up timings during the holiday season. You can route the calls in a different way or custom record a voicemail specially made for the holiday.

The QKonnect can be customized in the following ways based on your business requirements:

  • All incoming calls are stopped after business hours. The calls that come after the set time are recorded as Voicemail and the teams can work on it the next business day.
  • IVR is played to the customer for other options but the customer would not be able to speak to an agent and a recorded message would be played to the customer and the customer is asked to drop a Voicemail.
  • IVR is played to the customer and in case of a high priority issue and the call gets forwarded to another number where an agent would be there to assist the caller after business hours.

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