Small Business Suite

Qkonnect helps to accelerate your Small Medium Business

Any Start-up, Small or Medium-sized business (SMB) faces increasing pressure to do more with less. Customers expect consistent and seamless service, as well as new digital options. But multiple vendor systems make it difficult to meet these demands. And a few bad experiences can drive existing customers away for good.

The Qkonnect platform makes it easy for companies to keep customers satisfied and coming back for more. You’ll get integrated Voice and Text interface, Business Intelligent Automation and Artificial intelligence (AI) capable platform to manage your agents and satisfy your customers.

Qkonnect Small Medium Business have achieved:
1. Performance of Agents increase by 35%
2. Customer satisfaction Increased by 50%


Welcome Greeting
Call Recording
CRM Integration
Call Analytics
Smart Call Routing
IVR Solutions
SMS Alerts
In Call Transfer
Sticky Agent


Professional Image

Automated greetings, call routing, and personalized interactions create a polished and professional image.

Improved Responsiveness

Promptly respond to customer inquiries with features like voicemail-to-email and call recording.

CRM Integrations

Seamlessly integrate with CRM systems, providing instant access to customer information during calls.

Breaking Geographical Barriers

Connect with customers, clients, and team members globally without the limitations of physical locations.

Virtual Presence

Acquire local or toll-free numbers to establish a virtual presence in different regions.