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QKonnect offers another very useful feature called Sticky Agent. This allows customers to connect to the same agent who assisted the customer the first time so that they do not have to keep explaining the issue/problem over and over again. Customer would talk to an agent who knows his issue/problem rather than talking to new agent every time they call. This increases customer happiness and satisfaction. This feature is extremely useful for escalations and complaint desk.

We have developed a Sticky Agent module along with our QKonnect that work as follows:

  • Customer places a call and speaks to an agent to report an issue or a problem.
  • When the customer calls the second time for more updates about the issue, the call would route to the same agent.
  • Suppose the agent is unavailable (busy or not logged in) the customer can leave a voicemail and the agent can get back to the caller when he is back.
  • If the agent is not present then that customer’s call can be routed to other available agent who would from now on be the sticky agent for that customer. (Need to check for the steps are correct )

If your focus is to keep your customer happy and have a good customer service then Sticky Agents is a perfect feature that can be added to your IVR.

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