About VoiceMail

Voicemail provides better business communication and customer experience hence every business must ensure this feature is incorporated on the IVR. It allows the user to record a message in the form of a voice message using the phone. These recorded messages can be later retrieved by agents and attended based on priority.

With the Qkonnect, you can customize voicemails according to your requirement and have a clear greeting which instructions the customers to record the message and you can also have the voicemail forwarded to an email so that it can be retrieved later.

Qkonnect can also setup voice mails for

  • In Business Hours
  • Out of Business Hours

Advantages of Voicemail

  • If there is no agents free at a particular time customers would prefer recording a message and wait for a call back. Nobody would like being kept on hold.
  • Customers also have an opportunity to express their concern in detail. The recordings can be about 120 Seconds long (NEED TO CHECK!!)
  • The recorded voicemails are all saved on cloud so no recording is lost or altered.
  • Qkonnect can be configured to forward voicemails to an email and can be accessed anywhere and on any device.
  • Voicemail helps agents to prepare for calls as the customer would leave a detailed message. They can also prioritize on which customer to attend to first.
  • Customers can reach you 24/7 as the Voicemail would be available even if you are not available. You can reach out to your customer the next business day.

Out of Business Hours Voicemails

Having these voicemails are very important so that the customer are aware that they have called out of business hours. Qkonnect allows you to set the business timing and any calls after the set time would be a voicemail. These recording can be accessed via email and those that are high priority can be worked on immediately and the others can be worked upon on the next business day. For Example “Sorry, you have called outside business hours , Please leave your name, number and a detailed message and we will get back to assist you on our next business day”.