Welcome Greeting

Every incoming call is an opportunity to showcase your product and provide the best customer service. An old proverb -The first impression is the best impression holds good here as well. An unsure customer trying to enquire about the business would get a good feel about the place after a good greeting. A good, calm and welcoming greeting could give a positive image of company to start with and would make the caller feel that he has approached the right place. The IVR can be programmed with local and regional languages thus providing a personalized service to the customers. This is extremely useful if there is an out station caller calling to gather information and your company will not lose the business opportunity just because of a language barrier..

Basic IVR requirements to increase customer experience

It is important that the IVR menu is well scripted with simple, clear and easy to understand voice prompts so that the customer can navigate through the phone system. The welcome greeting at the start of the call must welcome the caller to calling into the IVR. For Example- “Thank you for calling XXX” or “Welcome to YYY customer service, your call is important to us”. Similarly when the customer is put on hold, the IVR should be set up to either play the hold music or thank the customer for being on hold. Mentioning that the call is being recording is equally important .Focusing on these tiny aspects ensures that the best customer service is provided.

Quadrafort’s QKonnect provides you with many features and ensures that your customer has had the best call experience. Once we receive the script, we record the voice prompts for your business. We have recorded thousands of IVR voice prompts for various businesses in a professional recording studio and the voice over for your IVR greeting script is given by the best male or female professional voice talents. Furthermore these recordings are edited up to perfection to fit your requirement. For better customer experience we encourage the client to have the following main aspects in the IVR:

• Welcome greeting – Welcoming the customer with a calm and warm greeting at the start of the call.
• On-hold recording- Ensuring the customers do not get frustrated during long hold time by thanking the customer for being on hold or providing promotional offers during the hold time.
• Holiday greetings-Greetings for specific holiday season at the start of the call. Letting the callers know that the business will be closed for the holiday season or providing promotional offers for the holiday season.
• After office – Letting the caller know that they have called afterhours and requesting them to leave voice mail.
• QKonnect also offers IVR’s in various languages like English, Hindi, and Bengali to name a few.
• IVR with all your requirements are setup in no time.
• Greeting can be also customized for new callers and existing customers. This is the dynamic IVR where the customer is asked to provide details to identify themselves, example registered number or location and the IVR checks the details in the CRM database and the IVR is played accordingly. So the customer does not have to go though all IVR options again. Since this is a person focused IVR, it will reap good customer service experience.